Rotary Club of Montreal Supports the MotherCare Malawi Project

In Malawi, the maternal mortality rate is 510 per 100,000 births, more than 46 times the ratio in Canada, while 43 infants per 1,000 die at birth, compared to 4.5 in Canada. A major factor is the delay or lack of access to quality health services at birth. The majority of women in Malawi live in scattered villages and have difficulty accessing health facilities. They also lack the information they need to make informed health decisions for themselves and their children. The MotherCare Malawi project aims to bridge a critical gap for vulnerable women to access maternal and neonatal care in Malawi: (a) Providing health education for groups of mothers, (b) Providing transportation for mothers to access care in community clinics (c) Distributing maternal and child health kits The project was implemented in 16 communities and had a direct impact on 1360 women and their children.

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