The Rotary Club of Montreal specializes in the field of safe drinking water. We dedicate most of our time and funds to support projects that provide safe water to people in developing countries. In the past five years, we have partnered with hundreds of Rotary clubs in carrying out projects in over 30 countries. Acting as Brokers and Consultants, as well as Fundraisers and Investors, we ensure our mission has maximum impact. We have been involved in providing potable water to more than 200,000 beneficiaries.
If you are looking for:
1)  A Financial Partner for your project
2)  A safe drinking water project
3)  Logistical support for a project
4)  A Service Provider
5)  A Rotary Host club
We have solutions for you.
Thanks to our great experience implementing hundreds of international water projects, we have adopted high standards for successful projects based on specific criteria:
1) Relevance: Is the project relevant and impactful? Is there a real need for such a project in the community?
2) Community: Is there a desire in the community to provide local leadership and local labour to undertake the project and is there a committee in place to initiate and supervise the project locally? Is this committee able to ensure project governance and transparency?
3) Project Leader: Is there a reliable and experienced International Rotary Project Leader who is familiar with the country where the project is being carried out and who knows the members of the Host Club, as well as the Service Provider in that country? Will this Leader go on site during construction or at the inauguration, as well as after work is completed, to ensure the project’s sustainability? Can the Leader ensure project governance and transparency?
The Leader is the cornerstone of the project.
4) Host Club: Is the Rotary Host Club experienced, reliable and willing to undertake the project and to ensure project follow-up and sustainability?
5) Service Provider: Is the Service Provider experienced, reliable and financially accountable?
6) Communication: Are all the Partners involved willing and able to maintain effective communication between themselves?
7) Safety: Is the country where the project will be carried out safe and generally free of political turmoil so that the safety of the members on site and the project’s sustainability are ensured?
8) Sustainability: Do the beneficiaries agree to pay a minimal cost to receive the water services? a contribution that will be used to ensure maintenance of the facilities and the project’s sustainability?
The Rotary Club of Montreal ensures professional management and due diligence prior to, during and after project execution. Photos showing banners thanking the participating Rotary Clubs are taken and provided to each Partner. If you need help with your future water projects, we would be pleased to support you at no cost.
Rotary Club of Montreal
Fatima Lahmami Langlois
Intl. Service Chair
Partners in the Rotary family